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Electric Projection Screen
Series 99RES Model

Custom Made Sizes Welcome!


Available Sizes:

60”x60” 1520x1520
70”x70” 1780x1780
84”x84” 2130x2130
96”x96” 2440x2440
100” 1520x2030
120” 1830x2440
150” 2290x3050
200” 3000x4000
240” 3660x4880


1. Available in Synchronized motor or Tubular Motor.
2. Matt White and Glass Bead Fabric Available.
3. Steel Housing with Super Shine White Coating
    Note: Aluminium Housing Available in 99A, 99B, 99E and 99C range.
4. Available in Radio Frequency 433.92, 315 and Infra Red, Easy to control
5. Double layer paint producing Real Black Boarders enhancing overall product appearance.
6. Minimum Noise Motor.
7. Easy Wall Installation
8. Excellent Quality Backed With 2 Years Warranty.
9. Value for Money Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  Installation Procedures:

1. With Wall Mount Feature
2. With Wire Control Receiver Unit for Easy User Control.
3. Choices of RF and Infrared Receiver and Transmitter available.

Certifications: Tick CertifiedCE CertifiedUL Certified
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